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I'm not sure if you've ever felt the same way, but I used to believe there was a "secret trick" to losing weight. One week, I would try some special "fat-burning" exercises, and then the next week, I'd try taking a weird new supplement. I constantly struggled, and I hated every minute of it. I felt like I was trying so hard, and even worse, I thought my failure to shed pounds was due to my lack of mental determination. But then I made a decision... I decided that I was going to respect and heal my body. I was going to stop looking for the "secret" tip or trick, and I was going to find a natural way to lose weight and feel great. And - as it turns out - being slim and lean is part of our natural biology. You simply need to activate your body's built-in mechanisms for burning fat. When I discovered how to do this, I was hooked... ...My excess fat (especially around my belly…

Sought after horseshoe-shaped triceps

By:  Jose Aviles

The way to a perfect horseshoe-shaped triceps just about have to go through the gym or weight room with the necessary exercises.  Whether it is a press down, skull-crushers, dips and all of those exercises that you know about.  But in reality it doesn’t have to be just that, because all that’s needed to just shock those triceps is just your own bodyweight, a bench or something that can support your weight.
At the end of the day, it is the hard work and dedication that’s put into the gym that makes that sought after horseshoe-shape triceps that tells the world “I’ve been working out”
Go on, find a gym and give it a shot….It will not be easy but it will be worthy.


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