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Sugar and sweet alternatives

Sugar....the bad stuff.....we all know how bad sugar is or can be.  We all have tried to cut it out or cut it down.  Many studies have shown that sugar has been linked to diabetes, obesity and in some cases abnormal brain functions.  One of the worst things I've read is that it can addictive.  So that's why it's so hard to cut it down and even harder to cut it out.

You'll crave it less with the less you eat it, but just like any addiction, if you just try to completely cut it off without going slow, you might even go through withdrawals.  Yes, believe it or not, you'll go through withdrawals.  The question is, what can you, me, anyone eat to satisfy that craving for sugar without damaging or setting back any efforts made to cut out or cut down?

The best advice that I can give are a few alternative foods that I read about and that are naturally sweet, that could help with that situation.

1.  Coconut oil:  Even though it is full of saturated fat, it is a natural way of in taking sweet.  Some people take a couple (2) of tablespoons and they not only have something that's naturally sweet but they also claim it kills their appetite for a few hours.

2. Liquorice tea:  It is naturally sweet and gives your body something that's familiar from your childhood without any of the sugar or any of the calories.

3. Sweet potato:  The name says it all.  The natural sweetness will be satisfying.  A quick way to cook it is to cut into wedges, drizzle some coconut oil and sprinkle some cinnamon, put in the oven and there you have it.

4.  Carrot sticks:  They are naturally sweet as it is or at least sweeter than most vegetables anyways. Always have some carrot sticks ready to go on little baggies that way you are prepared for when that craving hits.

5. Kombucha:  For this one just make sure it is a low-sugar brand. There are a few out there, so pick wisely.

6. Nut butter:  Just like all of one's so far, nuts have a natural sweetness, plus they are full of healthy fats and a lot of proteins that will keep you full.

7. 85 per cent dark chocolate:  Dark chocolate has been shown to have many health benefits.

Go ahead and try any of the above seven sugar alternatives, you can't go wrong with any of them.


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